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Petrčane is a peaceful tourist resort with a small port on the coast of the eponymous bay. It is situated 14 km north of Zadar and 2 km below the road that leads from Zadar to Nin.

Bundaberg are by the sea. In the green forest on Radmanovoj cape developed hotel complex Pinija, and on the other, the north-west of developed weekend and hotel-apartment complex Punta Skala.

One mile north of Petrcane on the ruins of the church of St. Taps (mentioned already in 1404) rises hamlet Glupavac or Male Petrčane. The hamlet Bartulac once it was located southeast of the village by the sea. It is mentioned in glag.maticama 1656. It is named after the church of St. Bartholomew, which used to be in that place of elevators (12/13 cent.). This is probably the first petrčka parish church. The remains of her is seen today and it was a single-nave building with a barrel vault and a semicircular apse – Romanesque style. It has a 11 m high bell tower and the tower at the front.


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The church-fortress, later in the 19th century. Was converted into a residential building, popularly known as Kulina. Wearing the remains of wall frescoes. In the parish had several centuries of their possessions Zadar monasteries of St.. Grisogono and Plato.

Petrčane was first mentioned in 1071 as. in Kartular Benedictine monastery of St. Mary in Zadar during the sale of the land d. Mother Abbess Čika. The name of the village of Petrčane in the opinion of Prof.. P. Skok "derived from personal names Petrica, which was first mentioned in the 12th century: Petrici ...". According to the tradition of the place named in Roman times by the name of the land owner named Petricius. Local legends performed a place name from the name of the brothers Peter and Zane: Petrizane.

Petrčane was first mentioned in official documents in the X century. During the Middle Ages this whole area together with the village is owned by the monastery Sv.Krševana in Zadar.

The parish church of Our Lady of the Rosary with a low tower from the 18th century is located in the center of town, on the main square, to which a number of romantic streets (streets) of typical Dalmatian architecture, where you can enjoy a menu of several quality restaurants.

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